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Decluttering the plastic bags

Yes, you’re good, and you take a bag to the shops. But sometimes you forget, or like me, you purchase more than you intended.

Next thing you know, you have a huge bag of plastic bags. Or a drawer full. Or a cupboard crammed with them – wasting valuable kitchen space. Perhaps you cram them into a dispenser or you might recycle them (yay!) but if you’d like a more compact way to store them, here’s a good idea my Dad showed me.

Here’s a second method you could try – it’s much faster.

Yes, it may seem like a complete waste of time, but to be honest, I find it strangely therapeutic. Easy to do while watching tv or enjoying a chat with a friend. Give it a try!

Bulky bags take up a lot of space. Bulky bags take up a lot of space.

neat and organised bags! neat and organised bags!

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