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Trick or Treating – LIke it or Hate It

The bloggershphere has been awash this week with people saying they either love or hate the Halloween tradition of Trick or Treat.  There is even a debate on what age children should stop trick or treating ( I say if you can drive you can’t trick or treat!!).

What happens when kids who don’t live in your street or anywhere near your street knock on your door??  Is that fair if one street is more popular than another?

Having lived in an apartment for some time and not having a street, as such, to knock on doors, I totally understand that you really do need to find somewhere to trick or treat.  My suggestion is that if you do drop into another street have some lollys on hand. You can give these to the residents to thank them for their generosity.

Some people are very aware that not all people like Halloween and they are hesitate to knock on doors. So TFM has produced a  free printable poster that you can put on your letterbox.  If you welcome kids Trick or Treating print it out.  To download the poster click here – Knock On Our Door  .  If you download the poster it will print out in A4.

So what do you think?  Should kids only trick or treat in their own neighbourhood?  What age should a child stop trick or treating??


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