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Five Super Easy Kid’s Party Decorations

on September 18, 2014

What is a party without a cake and some cool decorations – well just a play date really.  But you don’t want to spend too much time (and money) on decorations.  Here are five ideas that don’t take much time to whip up and they are really effective.

Balloons Hang Them Down Not Up

Did you know that there is a world wide shortage of Helium?  Floating party balloons could soon be a thing of the past, with a world helium shortage sending prices soaring.  So instead of floating balloons attach them to the ceiling and hang them down.  If you really want to make sure they stay hanging down (for example:  you are outside and they are hanging from a tent or marquee – pop a marble into the balloon).





Plastic Table Cloths Make Great and Colourful Door Covers

Here are some great ways to decorate with the plastic tablecloth from a discount variety store.

Check out these lego themed doors.  They are made of plastic tablecloth covers and the same coloured plastic plates.


Source:   Pinterest





So many ways to use plastic tablecloths.  For example if you are having a frozen party, grab an aqua tablecloth and paste on some white snowflakes.

Go Crazy with Washi Tape

One roll of Washi Tape can go a long way to making plain items look pretty and decorative

At parties, we all want the kids to drink out of the one cup and not another kid’s cup.  Grab some plain cups and put their initial on the cup with washi tape.

washi cups

Make a cake stand look cute and match it with the party’s colour theme with some washi tape.

washi cake stands


Reusable Chalkboard Bunting

Next time you need to create a statement or make a blank wall look good, use chalkboard bunting. It is strung on jute (which gives it a classic vintage feel).  The best thing about this product is you can use it for every child’s party and every other occassion.





The use of this chalkboard/blackboard bunting is only limited your imagination.

Tissue Paper

We could write a whole blog on uses of tissue paper.  Next time you received something wrapped in tissue paper keep it.  For this easy decoration, you want the tissue scrunched up.



Do you know any other easy decorations?

If you are looking for easy to make party food check out our blog on Non Bake Slices.


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