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Five of the Best No Bake Slices – Uberyum

on September 15, 2014

Ladies bring a plate. Do you cringe when you hear you have to turn up with a plate? Here are five super easy and super yummy no bake slices you can whip up in no time. Just remember to always take the slices on a nice looking plastic plate (that you do not mind if you never see again).

Caramello Slice



Passionfruit Slice




Maltesers and Mars Bar Slice



Choc Mint Thins


Image:  Thats Life

Clinkers Slice



Which is your favourite?


4 responses to “Five of the Best No Bake Slices – Uberyum

  1. Ema Jones says:

    Passionfruit Slice is my fav…
    Yummy treat for the people who don’t wanna bake 😛

  2. That looks delicious !!! 😊

  3. Thanks for sharing my Clinkers Slice! xxx

  4. […] If you are looking for easy to make party food check out our blog on Non Bake Slices. […]

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