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Are you a SM?

on September 13, 2014


What is a SM? SM is a suburban mum. Someone who lives in the suburbs and does very “suburban” activities. For some people being a SM is a matter of pride, however for others learning they are a SM is a cringe inducing moment. So here is a test to see if you are a SM (if five or more apply you are a SM).

  • You have a 4 Wheel Drive, where the only off roading you do, is when you accidentally hit a curb;
  • You wear work out gear to drive to the local coffee shop to buy your daily coffee;
  • Your coffee of choice is a skim milk  weak but very hot latte;
  • You know exactly how many carbs you can consume per day and you may have also been on a Paleo diet or a sugar free diet;
  • You know all your children’s personal best times at Little Athletics;
  • You spend more time at your children’s school doing volunteer work than you do paid work;
  • You socialise your baby at baby classes;
  • You socialise your dog with other dogs at the dog park;
  • You enter your child in every competition which can show off their unique talents (art comps, cooking comps, dance comps);
  • Your idea of gardening is telling the gardener to trim more off the hedge;
  • You believe every child should win a prize in pass the parcel or receive participation ribbons at school carnivals;


  • You have five different ways to cut out fairy bread into different and unusual shapes;
  • You have a home based business selling the latest “must have” product;
  • You are a mummy blogger;
  • You line up for hours to make sure your child gets a place in the favourite class or activity; or
  • You have a car pool schedule (because that helps reduce carbon miles);
  • You have a colour coded weekly planner that sets out all the different activities your children undertake.

For the record this mummy blogger, got more than five and is loud and proud that she is a Suburban Mum (and she hopes that her husband does not look at the wheel rims on her car as she has done some major off road activity lately). It is also possible that being a suburban mum could be genetic as this suburban mum still takes pride at coming second in the East State School Egg and Bacon Quiche cooking comp and a highly commended at the Toowoomba Art Show.

The term Suburban Mum was created by hilarious blogger and author Jenn Mann (check out

Do you know any other signs of a Suburban Mum?


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