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Five Party Trends that Should Be Avoided

on July 22, 2014

In the USA they love to party and they love making kid’s parties bigger and bigger each year.   Here are five trends I hope that don’t take hold in Australia.


  1. Half Birthdays

    Yes you read that correctly – celebrate a birthday every six months. The cake is only half a cake. Everyone who has hosted a kid’s birthday party knows how stressful (and sometimes traumatic) a kid’s party can be – why put yourself through that every six months.

  2. Baby Tooth Jewellery

    Apparently losing a baby tooth is a pivotal moment in every child’s life and it should be celebrated by wearing a baby tooth necklace. An impression is made of the baby’s tooth and then turned into either sterling silver or gold plated jewellery for the mother’s birthday. Don’t worry the original tooth is returned to you. I have just one word for this trend – YUK.

  3. Birthday Crowns

    A party hat will not do. Now you must spend hours, hand making, a party crown for your child. There are hundreds of pins on Pinterest with DIY instructions on birthday crowns. The birthday crown shows your child’s personality and individualism.


4.    Gender Reveal Party

It is all the go to have a party where you reveal to your friends and loved ones the gender of your baby. The gender is revealed by cutting a cake and if the cake is pink it’s a girl and if the cake is blue it’s a boy. Why do we need to reveal the sex of the baby in such a grand way? Of course, a gender reveal does not need to involve a cake, every day new gender reveal ideas are blogged about. When I was pregnant, my husband was adamant, that we should not know the baby’s gender. He said it was the one last surprise left in life. He was right.

5.     Menu Makeover

The latest trend is to ditch the party pies, fairy bread and chocolate crackles. Apparently a child’s palate has become more developed at a younger age and they now demand sushi, grilled vegetables and even caviar.


You may wonder why smash cakes are not on the list (well because that trend has made it to Australia!!).

Do you know of any other trends that we should not adopt?


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