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Women Who Inspire – Kellie Rigney – The Accessories Queen


Tips for Mum’s new feature will be a weekly spotlight on women who inspire. Let me introduce you to Kellie Rigney from Zjoosh.

Kellie Rigney is a mum, a businesswoman and the accessories queen. Kellie, is a former lawyer and a mum of four kids. Her success is an inspiring story. Kellie started her business selling accessories at markets, now in the space of four years, she has a thriving online business, wholesaling business and four bricks and mortar stores (and a sister store). Zjoosh has launched its own brand of jewellery and the most divine handbags.

Image           Image          Image

 Zjoosh was born out of a life long obsession with fashion, jewellery and accessories and beautiful things generally.  The philosophy behind Zjoosh is that fashion and affordability can go hand in hand. Zjoosh is a unique Australian retail concept for women of all ages, providing a large range of affordable fashion jewellery and accessories that will “Zjoosh” your wardrobe. The idea behind Zjoosh is that a quality simple base wardrobe can be made brave and unique with statement jewellery at an affordable price. Effectively you “decorate yourself”!

Kellie’s advise is that you should purchase the best wardrobe basics you can find and then ZJOOSH them up with jewels and scarves. The same outfit can look completely different with different accessory combinations.  One of the hottest trends  is layering. Whether on your wrists with multiple bangles or wrap bracelets or around your neck with layered necklaces, the stacking/layering trend is a great way to wear more jewellery and show off your favorite things #zjooshyourlook

Zjoosh also has a homewares brand so not only can you Zjoosh your look but you can Zjoosh your home.

Why is Kellie inspiring?  Kellie is a busy woman yet she always has time for her kids. Kellie still has time to help out at her children’s schools (if you need artwork to auction or something crafty done, Kellie is your woman). Kellie was not happy with being a lawyer, she wanted to do something she loved, a job where she would have time for her kids (her office is located down the road from her kids’ schools). So next time you are stuck in a rut, ask yourself what is my passion and follow it just like Kellie did!!

Shop 24/7



Shop 20 The Plaza,
Burns Bay Rd Lane Cove,
NSW 2066
Ph: 02 8065 0744
View Zjoosh Lane Cove in a larger map
Shop 27
Stockland Balgowlah
215 Condamine Street
Balgowlah NSW 2093
Ph: 02 9907 7489
View Zjoosh Balgowlah in a larger map
270 Darling St
Balmain NSW 2041
Ph: 02 9810 2003
View Zjoosh Balmain in a larger map
682 New South Head Rd
Rose Bay NSW 2029
Ph: 02 9371
View Zjoosh Rose Bay in a larger map

Zjoosh also has a sister store called Quintessence where you will find the full range of Zjoosh products.

Shop 21D Northbridge Plaza,
113 Sailors Bay Rd,
NSW 2063
Ph: (02) 9967 8099
View Quintessence Northbridge in a larger map


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It Really Does Take A Village to Raise a Child

Last week Lane Cove Mum Emily Patterson was sitting at her favourite café with her young son James taking time out for a cup of tea. James is tired and clingy. The mother discreetly breastfeeds him, gives him a cuddle, and lays him quietly in his pram to settle himself to sleep. He cries a little. Two women at the next table tutt-tutt loudly and make some hurtful comments about her lack of mothering capabilities so the mother can hear. The noisy babe has interrupted their business meeting.   The young mother ponders is the sisterhood dying? Why can you not feel comfortable in your local coffee shop? What happened next … read on in the mother’s own words


“You will enter the world with your new baby in tow. You feel elated that you have such an adorable baby. You’re sure every passer-by notices how gorgeous your baby is and how capable you are as a mother. You’re now part of the mothers group department of the sisterhood. It’s smiles all round. Until one day that is all taken away from you by a fellow sister who passes judgment and comment on you. You now feel anxious the whole time you are parenting in public. You now may not feel well enough equipped to leave the house with your babe. If you do, you risk being judged negatively.
You see reason and, taking a deep breath, you realise that that it’s not all bad, the sun still shines, and there are decent people in this world. Most of all, you’re not the only new mum.

You will find some kindred spirits in other mothers of young babies, form friendships and in essence raise your children together. The fathers may become friends also. A new cycle of brotherhood and sisterhood is formed. All in all you now feel as though you have left the days of little confidence and high anxiety behind you. Booya, you’ve got this!

Then it happens again. There you are, trying your darnedest, exuding your new mothering confidence, enjoying a hot cuppa (something you vaguely remember from a past life). In one fell swoop it is taken away from you with a few comments about your mothering made by a complete stranger. A stranger that says she’s a mother too, and knows how to do it. A mother who tells you that you do not care for your distressed child. A fellow member of the sisterhood.

Hello old friend anxiety, it’s been a while.
You find yourself questioning your capabilities as a mother, you question the care you give to your baby – is he distressed? Is this distress scaring him for life? Am I unable to read his signs? Did I really put a cup of tea before my baby’s needs? Who’s looking? Who’s listening? Who else in this small cafe, that now feels like a world stage, heard her comments and agrees? They probably all agree. I don’t deserve to be a mother. My son deserves a better, more capable, more caring mother. One that doesn’t even drink tea for goodness sake!
Rush home. Hide.

There goes the sisterhood.

Unless something astounding happens, which it did. The café owners (members of the brotherhood) stepped in and righted the wrong. The brotherhood openly defended me. When the sisterhood let me down so horrifically, the brotherhood was there to pick up the pieces.
Word, brothers!

So now we’ve got a very interesting situation that has come out of a terrible wrongdoing and lack of support. My sisters let me down. They made hurtful comments, formed incorrect opinions and judged me in my role as a mother. How could one sister do that to a fellow sister? Isn’t that against the rules? Yes, it most certainly is. It is also against the notion of community. So, gals, it’s a double whammy. You broke the rule of community and the rule of the sisterhood. Shame on you for that.

Then the community decides to put its two cents worth forward. My golly gosh, the support is from a local community facebook page  This page was contacted by a bystander who reported the incident and thanked the cafe owners for their support. Words of support are offered, it’s a social media storm. Someone even called a radio station. The place is swarming with high-fives and fist pumps – the brotherhood saved the day! The community also teaches me that the sisterhood is having a comeback. There, hiding in the wings, are literally hundreds of sisters prepared to show their support to poor anxious and stressed little me. Amen, we’re back.

But what made it ok for one sister at a different life stage to pass comment and judgement on another sister? Girl, it’s not ok. Did she do it better than everyone? Did she make no mistakes and get it completely right Was her baby happy and content (read: silent) Not likely. Not even probable. Because they’re not. They are little beings learning their way in a new environment. Their only way of communicating is via vocalising – crying, grizzling, babbling, laughing, cooing, goo-goo/gaa-gaa. And that’s a very beautiful thing.

I’m off to the park tomorrow. A brother, a sister, two kids and two scooters. No inequality, no judgement, no lack of support. Unity. Let’s ride this parenting wave together one step at a time.”


Image:  Starshaped Press 

So next time you see a mum with a baby crying, smile at her, acknowledge it is tough and that you feel for her. A little support goes a long long way. It really does take everyone in the village to raise a child and to provide some support.

Have you ever had an experience like that?

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The New Statement Dessert


Forget about croquembouche or a macaron tower, a new statement dessert has arrived in town and it’s the bomb!!
The newest craze to hit town is the Cannoli Tower. The Cannoli Tower has been taken to a new level by Sam Campisi at The Cake Man – Lane Cove.  Sam takes his delicious cannoli and lovingly builds a tower with dark chocolate and succulent strawberries.

How good are they? Well at a recent function the most dangerous place was standing in front of the Cannoli Tower as people scrambled to get in on the action. At the end of the day they were just crumbs!!

Not only does the Cannoli Tower look visually stunning but it tastes damn good. So what is a Cannoli? A cannoli is a fried pasty filled with a delicious filling of either ricotta or custard with some choc or glace fruit sprinkled into the mixture. One of Sam’s secrets is that the Cannoli is made with the freshest ricotta Sam can source.


For 36 years, Sam the Cake Man has been a baker.  He started his training at the prestigious Charleroi in Belgium.  He is a man of many talents – he can speak three languages and of course the language of cakes. 

Sam relocated from Europe to Australia and has worked in a few different bakeries.  At one bakery his apprentice was Adriano Zumbo!! 



So next time you need a dessert for that big occasion, why not try a Cannoli Tower!!!

P. S Did you know that the plural form of Cannoli does not have an ‘s’; cannolo is the singular). For the purpose of this blog we have used the more familiar Cannoli.


The Cake Man


Mon – Sat: 5:30 am – 5:30 pm (but people pop in before)

Sun: 6:00 am – 2:00 am

Address:  Shop 5/23 Burns Bay Road

Phone:  80216195




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My Husband Is a Better Housekeeper

Psst…. I have a secret that I’ve kept hidden from my friends for years. Why? because it is a tiny bit embarrassing. The secret – my husband is a better housekeeper than me. When I say better, I should say SO much better.



Not Actual Husband – Stunt Husband (No husbands were harmed during the writing of this blog)


My husband and I first met when he advertised for a professional non-smoker to be his flatmate.   I may have many vices, but I can tell you – I am very good at not smoking. When my “husband to be” (lets call him HTB) was interviewing me for the flatmate position, I made full disclosure about my housekeeping (or lack thereof) skills. I told him that I was messy. I explained the following to HTB:

  • When I get home from work I kick my shoes off by the door, at the end of the week there is a collection;
  • Before washing the clothes, I continually forget to take the tissues out of my pockets, thus leaving the washing machine full of tiny white fluff;
  • I use a different cup each time I have a drink of coffee or tea;
  • I use every piece of kitchen paraphernalia when cooking;
  • The dining room table can disappear under a load of washed items that are never folded;
  • I read at least ten books at a time and they are spread all over the place;
  • I leave yellow sticky notes all around the place reminding me to do certain things; and
  • I never put anything back in the same place.

HTB told me he could live with all those things. I told him it was a deal. Seven years later HTB became “The Husband” (that in itself is a long and complicated story).

The Husband is a great housekeeper. Here are some of the things he does that will leave you in awe:

  • He never loses anything. Why? His rule is a place for everything and everything in its place (he puts his wallet and keys in the same place every day);
  • He never goes to work without the kitchen looking immaculate and the dishwasher emptied;
  • He irons all the clothes (although I have stopped him from ironing the jeans with a crease down the front and his underpants);
  • When I first met him he would leave both the Ice Cream and the Margarine completely flat (with no and I mean NO traces of vegemite or jam). He stills does that from time to time;



Smooth (my husband’s approach)


Dig In – My Approach

  • He makes the bed as soon as he gets out of it (sometimes this is a problem as I am not necessarily a jump out of bed woman!!);
  • He keeps all the plastic containers in the one place neatly stacked and with the lids underneath the stack (c’mon ladies that is impressive who has a plastics cupboard that they fear opening in case of an avalanche); and
  • He takes the clothes off the line, folds and then puts them away.


So he is a great housekeeper, does this affect my self-esteem? Not in the slightest. I know there are things that my husband could never do, that I do without even raising a sweat. Let me just list a few (I am sure there are many more but I do not want to bore you with my accomplishments):

  • I can make a husband winning Chocolate Caramel Slice with five minutes notice (i.e. Honey forgot to tell you we have to take a plate into work today);
  • I can create, a podium winning, book week costume in a day;
  • I can find anything lost in a child’s room within minutes;
  • I can speed shop (20 items in 5 minutes or less);
  • I can create a crazy hair day “do” in the car, when I am told that it is crazy hair day at school today; and
  • I can whip up a meal for unexpected guests without going shopping ……..

I guess the moral of the story is that we operate well as a team and play to each other’s strengths (and I make a husband winning chocolate caramel slice).


Husband Winning – Chocolate Caramel Slice


What household chores does your husband excel at?

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